Welcome to PokeZen Home of the famous zen islands!!


This is a place for all walks of life to come buy sell and trade.

The Zen islands are famous for being a bustling port for people from all other regions to come and go.

Tons of super powerful trainers and pokes reside here. So good luck finding them all.

Things to find here:

Custom Plugin-Pixlemon Bottlecaps!!
Crystal Pokemon-Custom textured pokemon to catch and train!!
Gyms-Places to hone your skills and gain badges!!
Cities-Cool Lore in each city as well as mini games and Gyms!!
Safari-Hard to find biomes all in one place!!
Crystal Islands-Place where crystal pokemon spawn!!
Ranks-To show off!!
Crates-Tons of loot!!
Ev Training Area!!
Shiny Starters!!
Great Staff!!

Our discord: https://discord.gg/cVE6dje Thank you!!